Martha Hemminger, Realtor

Kind Words from Valued Clients!

I couldn't have asked for a more competent and energetic partner to sell my home. Martha was up and on everything to do with listing selling and all the parts that goes with selling property. I recommend her completely for anyone needing a realtor to sell their property. What a great pleasure to work with and her outgoing personality allows her to work with all groups of people.

Thank you again Martha for being a great partner for us!
Becky and Roger A.
She has an incredible wealth of knowledge regarding real Estate, I would have never imagined the process of buying our home could have been so smooth. Martha was always a step ahead and always in communication with us. Thank you martha!
Anonymous from Zillow
Martha was a huge help in finding my wife and I first home. Very helpful and went to many houses before we found the one that was right for us. Martha worked vary hard and was with us through the whole process. If it wasn't for her I believe my wife and I would still be looking for our house.
Aaron H.
Bottom line, Martha is the best agent available. She treated me as so much more than just a client. She got to know personally and was a wonderful mediator, negotiator, confidante,and advisor. She gave me the advice I needed to get my home in the most presentable condition it could be in. She was responsive and organized and got me a contract within 8 days of being listed. I literally just closed on the house today and could not be happier with my results. I am taking my time on buying my new home, but you can bet that Martha is my agent for my buying process too.
When looking for my first home, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea how to even begin to navigate the whole process, nor was I entirely sure of what I was looking for. I was living with my best friend nearby, and when I made the decision to buy a home or condo, Martha came highly recommended. She took the time to understand what exactly I was looking for (ultimately I decided on a condo), and showed me realistic options that were not only within the ideal price range, but also fit everything I wanted in a new home. The condo I bought was the first one I saw, although I looked at several more with her. Martha made the experience quite painless and was always available to help or offer advice. I highly recommend her, whether you're looking for a new home, a first home, or trying to sell!
Robert S.
My wife and I were moving to Louisville from Cincinnati and admittedly did not know the area. We also had to rent an apartment in a very short period of time. Martha worked very hard to find an apartment for my wife as she began work in Louisville and I stayed back in Cincinnati to sell the house we owned there. Martha didn't have to help us find an apartment, there was nothing in it for her. It's just an example of the great customer service Martha provided.
Martha also took the time to help familiarize us with different areas of Louisville, providing pros and cons of all areas. Once we decided on an area, Martha worked tirelessly to find the type of house we were looking for in our price range. Martha presented many different homes for us to view and visit. She was timely, responsive to our needs and often rearranged her schedule to fit ours. My wife and I were truly blessed to have Martha as our real estate agent. We give Martha our highest recommendation.
Craig P.
She's as great with first time entry-level buyers as she is with high end purchasers. Really alleviated the uncertainties our new college grad had in purchasing his first condo.
Deb S.
Martha made positive contributions to each of my experiences with her. She delivered superior customer service, she was reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and hardworking. If you're looking for consistent and friendly service, she will deliver.
Rachel K.